Commercial Office Cleaning Services from CleaNet

At CleaNet we deliver the 5-star office cleaning services that you can depend on. We pay close attention to every detail to ensure that your office space is spotless and ready for your employees and clients to enjoy. Our experience and attention to detail is what makes us the stand- out option for commercial office cleaning services.

Why Choose CleaNet For Your Office Cleaning Needs?

CleaNet was founded in 2004. Our founder worked over 26 years in the hospitality, commercial cleaning industry managing large cleaning crews, before founding CleaNet Inc. He took that experience and fine-tuned it to create a commercial cleaning company that offers unmatched office cleaning services.

The CleaNet crew know how to clean professionally, and we know how to do it quickly without disturbing your space. You can choose to have us clean your office during the day, or at night after everyone leaves. Our goal is to provide commercial cleaning services that exceed the expectations for every one of our clients. We maintain a crew of highly trained cleaning staff that uses environmentally friendly cleaning agents to get your spaces sparkling clean. We focus on delivering the highest quality cleaning services. We listen to our clients and do what we need to do to ensure 100% satisfaction every time. Our detailed approach to office cleaning delivers exceptional results.

CleaNet has a reputation as a highly trusted office cleaning company. Each of our employees is thoroughly vetted before starting work with us. We also provide the training to help them develop the professional cleaning skills they need to perform their work at our very high standards. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection. We are the commercial cleaning service with the untarnished reputation in the Triad!  We have built our reputation for excellence by delivering honest, integral commercial cleaning services that are focused on complete satisfaction.

Best of all everyone loves our fair prices! We deliver the value that you want in a cleaning service. You will enjoy competitive pricing without sacrificing quality results. We help to keep costs down by offering affordable rates for all our cleaning services but more importantly by delivering value. You get more bang for your buck with CleaNet professional office cleaning services.

We are North Carolina’s premier commercial office space cleaning service!


Who Do We Serve?

We serve a wide range of industries in the Triad including Universities, private industries, government offices, auto dealerships and more. If you are in the Triad, you can take advantage of our exceptional services.

General Office Cleaning Services

Our general office cleaning services pay attention to every detail. When we come to your property to clean it, we make sure every area is addressed. Our commercial office cleaning list of services include:

  • Trash Removal and disposal
  • Dusting – both high and low areas
  • Vacuuming
  • Edge vacuuming to ensure we get all the debris that builds up in the corners
  • Sweeping and mopping of hard surface floor areas
  • Disinfect telephones and doorknobs to keep the spread of germs down
  • Clean and disinfect break rooms and bathrooms
  • Make sure your supplies are replenished and well stocked

Having a spotless clean workplace is one of the best ways to relay the right impression of your business and to give your staff the right productive environment to work in.

What Areas Do We Clean?

We clean all the areas of your office! Lobbies, reception areas, bathrooms, break rooms, offices, conference rooms, cubicles, hallways, stairwells, other work areas, showrooms, we clean every space in your office. No space is left out!

Lobby and Reception Area

Your lobby and reception area get a lot of traffic. Of course, your lobby and reception area are the first place that visitors and clients see. Having a clean and welcoming space makes the right first impression. A clean reception area is a must. We can help you welcome your guests with confidence by keeping your reception area tidy and clean.


Workspaces/cubicles and offices. Keeping your employee’s workspaces clean helps to keep them productive! We will clean all your workspaces, cubicles and offices to the highest standards to ensure that your staff has a nice clean space to work in.

Ensuring trash is emptied regularly and surfaces are cleaned can help to keep pests away. Having professional office cleaning solutions from CleaNet also shows your employees that you care about their comfort.

Restrooms/Break Rooms/Conference Rooms

Restrooms, break rooms, conference rooms are all a part of your employee’s workspace. We ensure that your restrooms and break rooms are clean and sanitary for your employees and guests to enjoy. We use eco-friendly cleaning agents that deliver effective sanitation while being kind to the environment.

As part of our office cleaning services, we disinfect break rooms and bathrooms to keep the spread of germs down. With our commercial office cleaning, office cleaning services you can provide a healthier environment for guests, clients and of course your employees.

Keeping the germs down in these areas is a great way to reduce sick day callouts for your workforce!

Hallways and Stairwells

We will sweep or vacuum your hallways and stairwells wipe down handrails and dust both high and low surfaces. Keeping your stairwells and hallways free of debris is not only important for the look of your office but of course for the safety of your office as well.

Paper and other debris on the stairwell is an invitation to disaster. Employees and guests can slip and fall which can cause injuries and ultimately a liability issue. A professionally cleaned stairwell is a safer stairwell for everyone.

Showroom Cleaning

Dazzling potential clients and customers starts with having the spotless showroom that highlights your products. We will ensure that your showroom is a showstopper by keeping it sparkling clean and ready to be viewed. We will gently dust and clean your showroom with care to ensure your products are not disturbed but are shown in the best possible light.

We Are Your Complete Office Cleaning Services Solution!

In addition to our general office cleaning services we offer a suite of cleaning services including:

  •         Carpet care and cleaning services
  •         Maintenance floor care programs
  •         Commercial, janitorial services, construction clean up

Contact us today and learn more about our general office cleaning services and additional services that can help you to keep your workspace sparkling clean.